What's Ionic Liquids ?

2019-04-16 09:46:53 adman 44

What's Ionic Liquids ?

DEFINITION: Ionic liquids are a genera of meltable organic salts, which cations are organic structures.

Previously, ionic liquids are called, which are the meltable organic salts that can present as liquids at room temperature. Later, the concept of ionic liquids gradually expanded. Some organic salts with high melting point are also included in the category of ionic liquids. At present, there is no convincing definition of ionic liquids. Therefore, Monils give the above definition in conjunction with the existing research results of ionic liquids.

According to Monils definition, ionic liquids need to possess the following characteristics:

  • Cation is organic structure and anion is arbitrary. That means that it does not belong to the category of ionic liquids while cation is inorganic structure

  • Meltable. That means melting point and liquid range must be in exists, which implied that it does not belong to the category of ionic liquids when there isn't liquid range while heated to decomposition.

It can be seen that not all of ionic liquids are liquids at room temperature, that is to say, ionic liquids are not necessarily liquids at room temperature.